100 Word Challenge

On a steaming Australia Day a kangaroo named Kevin needed a drink of water but it was so hot that all of the dams had dried up so he set of to find water. Soon he came to the town, Bendigo. He searched and searched but nothing. Kevin bounded past the Bendigo Market Place and smelt food wafting towards him, he couldn’t resist so he ventured inside. The Kangaroo raided a lolly shop first then The Donut King. Kevin was now on a sugar high. They had to call animal patrol. When they arrived they shot him with tranquillising darts but a girl helped him escape.

Chapter 1 of Once

There are so many unanswered questions and it makes me want to keep reading and this book has really interesting words.


What type of problem did his parents have?)Where are his parents now?

Why are Carrots his favourite vegetable?

Why did the nuns break the rules for him?

Will he have any connections to world war 1 because of the year?

How old is he?

What is it like to share a bath with around 67 other kids?

What age do you have to be to get out of the orphanage?

This book is great so far and would recommend it  to others.



Blogging Challenge Activity 1 Week 4

The Sharing Creative Works clip was very informing about creative commons. It was a great clip to watch because it informed me about copy righting and laws that were put in place and all the different licences that you need to have. Thanks to the websites that they listed above I know where to get pictures that I can legally use. Also Thanks to my Teacher we found a way to get pictures off google images but you have to click search tools then you click usage rights and then you and pick what type of usage depending on what your using it for.

Great Activity.